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0001: friends only

friends only.

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You have one of my best friend's added luvheather so I was wondering if you'd like to be friends? I won't add you till I hear from you because I hate having an uneven list, so I don't like doing that to others! ha!
Hi! I found you through a friend and was wondering if you'd like to be friends? Add? (;
hey! you seem really sweet! We also have a couple friends in common as well! Also, I was on GJ; the infamous xtinalicious, lmfao!

I'd like to add you! :) ♥
I see you around in communitys and thought it would cool if we could add each other?
hey sweetie, you have been invited to join sugardust!
Hey! It's luvheather under my new name. Add?
I found you through saline_queen. I think we'd get along well. You seem really sweet and I think we have a lot of the same interest. Add me back?
hey, i saw your post on added. i'm emily and i'm eighteen.
i live in central jersey too. you seem pretty awesome/interesting.
NAME۶ Kelsey
AGE۶ 18
BiRTHDAY۶ July 12th
LOCATiON۶ Missouri now, just moved back here about 3 weeks ago.
FAVOURiTE COLOUR۶ Green, red, pink.
HOW DiD YOU FiND ME?۶ I've been seeing you around LJ lately! We have a couple friends in common.
iS YOUR JOURNAL ACTiVE?۶ I try to update a couple times a week these days.
TELL ME SOMETHiNG RANDOM۶ My mind is drawing a blank... I'm drained!
ANYTHiNG ELSE?۶ We actually used to be friends on here a long time ago, but I wasn't really that active. I loved reading your entries & thought we got along pretty well, so I was wondering if you'd like to give it another try? Lemme know. ♥
Hey girl. It's /~sensuals. Add me on this username? ♥
love the name :) care to be friends?
hey its hookahbar add me here please :)
Hey, I was just wondering if I could add you?
I think we could get along fine! :D x
add me? pleasepleaseplease? :)
You've been invited to join buttercup_icons! This community is where you can request graphics related to ttc, pregnancy, baby, children, family, etc. We hope to see you there!! :)
hey! i just wanted to say (though pretty late) i LOVED the secret santa stuff! the mst3k ornament was amazing and it was proudly displayed front and center on my tree :D thanks!!!
Oh good! I was really hoping you would like it! How does your kitty like the toy?


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago

Who are you? :o
Just a random passerby.


6 years ago

Hey hun I saw you in elitefriends and saw we have some mutual friends and interests. Friends?
add me?
No thank you.
Katieee will you re-add me!? I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE I'm about to be way more active on LJ.
Werd, yo!
add me? :)
I said no in July. Once wasn't enough for you? You had to come back for seconds?

Tell ya what, tell me why you want to be friend & we'll take it from there.


December 27 2011, 18:31:04 UTC 5 years ago

We used to be friends until I fell off the LJ planet. Add back?
Heck yea! Adding you now Natey!
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